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Wednesday, 24 April 2024

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Newsroom Automation

Newsroom automation solutions put the news-gathering process in the hands of journalists and editors, delivering interactive media and news reports to their desktop.

Newswire reports, archives of text, photos, graphics, video and audio footage, even reports from the Internet can be used by the reporter to collate a news story to be aired on TV or radio and/or published for newspapers / magazines or news information portals. The interactive nature of the system allows news editors to build entire news shows on their desktop, including scripts, running times of individual news items, running orders and story approvals.

The system also gives news editors the flexibility to change news reports on the fly as new information comes to light, and change the running order of stories while the news program is on the air or assigned to be published.

As the news market becomes more and more competitive, Crucial Services next-generation solutions are becoming a major source of competitive advantage for news-gathering organizations.

Hypersystems HPRESSWEB is a Web-enabled Electronic Newsroom Automation system, with successful deployments in numerous Newspapers, magazines, radio and television broadcasting stations as well as News Agencies both inGreece and Cyprus.

General Capabilities

  • Record of information from various sources (such as news agencies, news reporters, faxes and news correspondents) in the form of documents, images, graphics, audio & video.
  • Sorting of the information according to source, category, size, title, page etc.
  • News Management (creating, copying, moving, editing)
  • Full Text Retrieval search engine using any word or phrase and including a synonyms thesaurus
  • On-Line access to a huge amount of information
  • Out of office / Remote connectivity support
  • Special module for the management of radio and television station news broadcasts
  • Integration with desktop publishing systems
  • Administrator-defined user/group-privileges for operators, editors, chief editors and administrators.

Integration with News Agencies

  • Simultaneous flow of information from different News Agencies
  • Special Sorting of Last minute Breaking News and automatic editor notification
  • Copy of the News to the Editorial System
  • News retrieval based on words, phrases, category, date title and source (News Agency)

General Characteristics

  • Internet/Intranet Architecture
  • Grows along with the company
  • Fast and reliable operation
  • Cluster integration for High availability
  • User-friendly environment
  • Easy of customisation
  • Integration with existing systems

Technical Data

HypersystemsHPRESS-WEB is available in UNIX / LINUX, and Windows Server Systems

Based on ORACLE Server plus Oracle interMedia & Text Servers, ensures investment protection that can be easily transferred across different platforms and operating Systems / Environments.

Web Server Support: Apache, IIS, Java System Netscape.

Web Brower Support: Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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