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Saturday, 18 May 2024

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Business Solutions

We specialises in developing web-enabled solutions using industry standard platforms that will help integrate legacy business systems with Internet / Intranets / Extranets more effectively. Furthermore we developed Web-enabled applications on a customer need basis, ensuring thus, competitive advantage and increase of productivity through the ease of use.



Our Services

  • Software Consultancy Services
  • Legacy Systems / RDBMS integration
  • Intranet, Internet & Web applications
  • Support and Maintenance


Document Management / Web Content Management Solutions

  • Hypersystems APXEION-WEB specifically designed for maintenance archive, retrieval, reporting and management of large scale Data marts, ideal for:
  • Financial Sector (Banks / Insurance Companies)
  • Government Sector
  • Newsroom Automation (APXEION-WEB / HPRESS-WEB for newspapers magazines, Television and Radio Stations)
  • Educational Instidutions
  • Electronic Publications
  • Medical Sector
  • Legal Advisors etc.

Our Software Development methodologies utilises environments from major industry vendors. Our software solutions are based on leading application servers from proven Open Source Foundations, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Oracle and Hypersystems, using the latest web development tools that providing a truly cross-platform operation.



Methodology approach for software development to ensure success

  • Understand your business issues and current processes
  • Assess scope for improving your business processes
  • Document your requirements by means of a functional specification
  • Agree the document, integrating your feedback
  • Develop and approve prototypes
  • Full application development using a structured project methodology
  • Testing and acceptance
  • Implementation
  • System training
  • Final acceptance and documentation
  • On-going Support and Maintenance


Delivering Quality


The success of any project is ensured via the awareness of the responsibilities of each party ensuring thus, an honest and clear partnership.


Design is not for philosophy - it's for life

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