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Wednesday, 24 April 2024

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Document Management

APXEION-WEBBecause enterprises are recognizing that information is the currency of their business, there is tremendous value in ensuring that all corporate information, whether in structured or unstructured formats is captured, managed, and put to work in a meaningful and efficient way.

Advantages of Document Management

  • Helps get the most out of your unstructured data - information stored in text files, e-mails, multimedia, etc. - and use the corporate knowledge contained in the data to gain competitive advantage, while at the same time make real savings in time, money and resources.
    Control, organize, access, and share vital corporate information quickly, easily, and accurately
  • Gives your the ability to create centralized repositories, or libraries, containing all of the unstructured data they generate. Powerful search and full text retrieval tools make this information easily available for use and collaboration across the entire enterprise. Versioning and security profiles ensure lifecycle document integrity.
  • The intuitive Web interface enables you to extend the functionality of document management to remote sites either via private links or over the Internet.

APXEION-WEB from Hypersystems (Crucial Services Partners), is a Web-enabled document management solution that provides organizations with full document management functionality via a Web browser.

By using the Powerful Oracle Database and Oracle Intermedia & Text Servers, APXEION-WEB transforms your RDBMS repository into a globally networked, web-based information resource of text, graphics, sound, video and motion. The end result is a centralized technological infrastructure with expanded set of services that will help you better serve your customers."

Ideal for

  • Insurance Companies: Insurance Policies, Clientele, Claims, correspondence
  • Government Sector: Document Management, press offices, research, announcements, correspondence
  • Educational Institutions: Libraries, publications, correspondence
  • Web Publishing: Internet/Intranet Information Portals, CD-ROM.
  • Healthcare: patients archives, reports, Imaging
  • Media: Newsroom automation, workflow integration, document management, imaging
  • LegalSector: Cases, court decisions, law, correspondence
  • Banking: Loans, credit control, decision support, correspondence


  • Record documents from Word Processing Applications and/or, scanner, OCR.
  • Effective management of Data Storage resources using compression of scanned Images and multimedia Data.
  • Document Tracking and Registry automation
  • Correlation of Documents (Inflows / Outflows)
  • Automatic routing of all incoming Documents

Workflow integration

  • Graphical User Interface user friendly with context On-line help in Greek / English
  • Management of Standardized Variables

Free Text Retrieval

Combination (full text retrieval), with all possible endings, synonyms, combined with all the other details of the Document such as:

  • Document Date
  • Document Registry Sequence,
  • Sender,
  • Addressee,
  • Category,
  • Subject, words and phrases

Capture of Documents relevant to the search phrase criteria

Populate Documents (colouring matching search criteria)

Information Retrieval

  • Output Queries with the major / basic details of the Documents.
  • View / Update selections directly from the output queries.
  • Sorting ascending / descending according to the Document fields such as Document Date, Sender, Category Document Registry Sequence and Category
  • Selection of Document Retrieval listings / presentation
  • Advance Reporting


Maintenance of Data using HTML Templates / Forms for speeding up processing while maintaining flexibility and data integrity

  • Dynamic updating of Documents directly from Word Processing applications, scanners, e-mail and/or Fax
  • Correlation of Documents (Inflows / Outflows)
  • Document Assignment / Routing
  • Categorization
  • Data Integrity / Security
  • Access Level security across users and groups
  • Collaboration with Encryption applications


Integration capabilities with existing applications and/or legacy Systems within your organization.

Technical Data

Hypersystems-WEB is available in UNIX / LINUX, and Windows Server Systems

Based on ORACLE Server plus Oracle interMedia & Text Servers, ensures investment protection that can be easily transferred across different platforms and operating Systems / Environments.

Web Server Support: Apache, IIS, Java System Netscape.

Web Brower Support: Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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