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Wednesday, 24 April 2024

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Content Management

APXEION-WCMWeb content management has become a major issue for webmasters in the Internet world. Managing content is one of the biggest challenges for webmasters wishing to manage and publish Vital Corporate information on the Web.


We offer an integrated suite of web-based tools for Content Management. Based on Hypersystems APXEION-WEB platform, APXEION-WCM is a solution that streamlines the entire content management process, allowing webmasters to automate the way they handle information, from content creation to publishing on the World Wide Web.




  • Covers all aspects and functions of Content Management. It leverages tools familiar to content creators, e.g. Word Processing Tools, ensuring and easy integration, within the organization.
  • Flexible functionality, by using standard tools and Content Templates for content creation / management and presentation, is an ideal Content Management solution, fully adaptable with most of the well-known tools and technologies.


APXEION-WCM from Hypersystems (Crucial Services Partners), is a web-based content management solution that provides organizations with full content management functionality through a Web browser.



Ideal for

  • Internet/Intranet Corporate Information Portals
  • Large scale Web Sites
  • Dynamic Web Sites



  • Easy to use web-based interface
  • Use of well known authoring tools for content administration
  • Flexible integration with web site concept design
  • Template based content creation / Presentation
  • Easy customization
  • Powerful site administration
  • Workflow integration capabilities
  • Wide volume content management
  • Content delivery in multiple formats
  • Minimum training required
  • Graphical User Interface user friendly with context On-line help in Greek / English


Full text retrieval powerful search engine

  • Output Queries with the major / basic details of the Documents.
  • Sorting ascending / descending according to the Content fields such as Creation Date, Category etc.
  • Selection of Document Retrieval listings / presentation
  • Advance Reporting



Maintenance of Data using HTML Templates / Forms for speeding up processing while maintaining flexibility and data integrity

  • Dynamic updating of Content
  • Content Categorization
  • Content Integrity / Security
  • Access Level security across users and groups



Application integration with existing applications and/or legacy Systems within the organization.



Technical Data

Hypersystems ΑΡΧΕΙΟΝ-WEB is available in UNIX / LINUX, and Windows Server Systems


Based on ORACLE Server plus Oracle interMedia & Text Servers, ensures investment protection that can be easily transferred across different platforms and operating Systems / Environments.


Web Server Support: Apache, IIS, Java System Netscape.

Web Brower Support: Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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